Rachael Wilner’s Art History Blog

roas bannerRachael Wilner has started a blog on art history here at WordPress, called Reflections of a Spectator. Rachael is an excellent art critic: she has a keen analytical mind and is a thorough reviewer. Her posts are well researched, insightful, and very educational. Indeed, as the name of her blog suggests, her posts are about her reflections and findings on a given art topic.

If you are interested in art, including its historical, societal and visual analysis, head over to her blog. As of this post, she has written about Norwegian contemporary art, Canarian Symbolist art, and the Equestrian Monument during the Italian Renaissance. Furthermore, Rachael and I have written an article together about cognitive psychology and Conceptualism, which is currently in review.

Head over to her blog: Reflections of a Spectator


In other news, I apologise for the absence of blog posts lately. I aim to rectify this by updating the blog with news relevant to my projects. In the meantime, my profile on ResearchGate is always kept up to date with the latest of my research.