“Faking Amnesia” article published in ESTRO


My blog article on faking amensia has attracted quite a lot of views, and now a revised version has been published in a peer-reviewed journal!

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Just some minor news: The blog is now officially registered as iamalivep05.com! All older links using wordpress still work, though.

Experimental paper on hunter-gatherer theory published!

publicationolmAt long last my BSc dissertation (extensively rewritten) has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, Psychology Research!

This is my second publication, but my first experimental paper to be published. The article is about object location memory and perceptual search in the hunter-gatherer theory, and its contents is largely based on my BSc dissertation, which was also presented at the BPS 2012 conference and HBES 2013. Continue reading

My first published article

Q90new2A few days ago my first article was published in a peer-reviewed journal. This was an article about the statistical method called the meta-analysis, a tool that is useful in combining all the available research in a field in order to find out what the overall effect is. The article was aimed at students, discussing the pros and cons of using such a method for their dissertation. However, it also had researchers in mind that had never done a meta-analysis, so hopefully academics will find it useful as well.

The article was published in PsyPAG and is available free online, and you can access the journal issue HERE. My article is on pages 18-23, or you can download the pdf of the article itself HERE.

Stroop and gender differences

title“Blue, brown, red, gr-white, blue, white, eh…red!”
Colour naming like the above is what I listened to for weeks during the testing phase of my dissertation experiments. I calculated that I heard at least 68.000 colour words being spoken during testing. Such is the fate of the Stroop experimenter. In this article I will outline some of the key findings of my dissertation, which included a Stroop colour-word test. Currently the dissertation is being rewritten into at least two publications, and therefore details surrounding the paper will be revealed later.
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