Downloadable Files

In this section I will post any files that I attach in my posts just so you may find them easier. It will mostly be text files such as guides and papers. It will be filled as the blog grows.

Publication on using the meta-analysis:
Sjoberg, E.A. (2014). Conducting a meta-analysis for your student dissertation. PsyPAG Quarterly, March, 90, 18-23.

Publication on Hunter-Gatherer, Object Location Memory, and Perceptual Search:
Sjoberg, E.A., Cannon, L.T., & Cole, G.G. (2014). Effects of Foraging Related Stimuli on OLM (Object Location Memory) and Perceptual Search in the Hunter-Gatherer Theory. Psychology Research, 4, 3, 157-167.

BSc Dissertation on foraging-related stimuli and hunter-gatherer theory:
Sjoberg, E.A. (2012). The hunter-gatherer theory and the effect of foraging-related stimuli on object location memory and perceptual search. BSc Dissertation, Uni. Essex.

Essay Writing Guide and Example Essays:
How to Write Psychology Essays Espen Sjoberg, Uni. Essex
Essay 1: Malingering and Amnesia
Essay 2: Animal Behaviour and Natural Selection
Essay 3: Top-down and Bottom-up Processes

Essay on malingering in retrograde and anterograde amnesia:
The assessment of malingering in claims of retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Essay, Uni. Essex, December 2012

Unpublished paper on falsification resilience in evolutionary psychology:
Sjoberg, E.A. (unpublished). Hunter-gatherer theory and falsification resilience in evolutionary psychology theories. Submitted to and rejected by The Psychologist.

Poster: Review of neuroscientific evidence for the hunter-gatherer hypothesis (presented at BACN 2013, Nottingham)


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