ResearchGate Profile up!

rgbannerI only recently discovered a site called ResearchGate, which is basically equivalent to a “Scientist Facebook”. It is a portal for all scientists to register all their publications, link it to other research, and follow other researchers and articles. It is a simple, yet great site for anyone who works in science, and it makes it follow topics, articles, and establish contact with others easier.

It is also a great way to promote your own research, with statistics showing the impact of your work, in terms of views, downloads, and citations.

I have created a profile, found here:

In the future, it is possible that some download links will lead to ResearchGate rather than my profile, to save bandwith and to easier assess download rates.


“Faking Amnesia” article published in ESTRO


My blog article on faking amensia has attracted quite a lot of views, and now a revised version has been published in a peer-reviewed journal!

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The Road to HBES 2013


Hi everyone.

On wednesday 17th of July the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society (HBES) Conference opens in Miami. I plan to attend the entire 4-day conference, held at the Loews in Miami Beach, Florida.I will also be presenting my Hunter-gatherer dissertation on Saturday 20th of July. I hope to document it, but no promises. Stay tuned.

You can read more about HBES here:

Essay Writing Guide Available!

As a Mentor for MSc Conversion Psychology students I have written a guide on how to produce a good essay, based on my own techniques. Along with the guide there are three example essays from my 1st year, 3rd year, and MSc studies which will add an impression on how to write a psychology essay.

All the documents are available in the Download section.

The guide is written with University of Essex students in mind, but I hope it proves useful for others as well.