Men forget more than women: How the media can create stereotypes


A research article about gender differences in memory suggested that women have better subjective memory than men. In other words, men report more memory problems than women do. Once the media started reporting this finding, however, the story became convoluted. Reports upon reports stated that science had finally documented that men forget more than women, and this gave fuel to a stereotype that it is okay for men to forget things because “they can’t help it”. The encouragement of such a stereotype by the media is especially frightening considering that the research on which this news is based on does not actually measure memory at all!

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“Faking Amnesia” article published in ESTRO


My blog article on faking amensia has attracted quite a lot of views, and now a revised version has been published in a peer-reviewed journal!

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The HBES 2013 Experience

HBESThe HBES conference is now over. It was a great experience for me; It was my first international conference presentation (more on that in a later post), I learned a lot about evolutionary topics that were new to me, and I met a lot of great people. Presented topics represented a wide variety of fields such as psychology, anthropology, biology, economics, and even criminology. Continue reading

The Road to HBES 2013


Hi everyone.

On wednesday 17th of July the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society (HBES) Conference opens in Miami. I plan to attend the entire 4-day conference, held at the Loews in Miami Beach, Florida.I will also be presenting my Hunter-gatherer dissertation on Saturday 20th of July. I hope to document it, but no promises. Stay tuned.

You can read more about HBES here: