Experimental paper on hunter-gatherer theory published!

publicationolmAt long last my BSc dissertation (extensively rewritten) has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, Psychology Research!

This is my second publication, but my first experimental paper to be published. The article is about object location memory and perceptual search in the hunter-gatherer theory, and its contents is largely based on my BSc dissertation, which was also presented at the BPS 2012 conference and HBES 2013.

The paper was co-authored by Geoff Cole and Luke Cannon. Geoff Cole was my BSc and MSc supervisor and we have worked together on numerous projects, with this article being the first to be published so far. Luke Cannon is a fellow graduate student who helped collect data and he also contributed to the write-up.

In addition, Roger Grace, Rachael Wilner, Phil Burke, Leif Kennair, Max Krasnow, Russell Jackson, Rick O’ Gorman, and Leda Cosmides are all officially acknowledged in the paper for their assistance.

The journal is open access so it can be found free online. Click HERE to download it, or alternatively HERE.

This publication also marks how long it can take to get new research published. The concept for the research was created in late 2011, and my BSc dissertation on the topic was finished around May 2012. In October 2012 a first draft was sent to the journal Evolutionary Psychology, who asked for a revision. In late 2013 a second draft, which included a second experiment, was submitted to Evolutionary Psychology, but regretably rejected. However, after the HBES 2013 presentation, I was invited to publish the paper in a fairly new journal called Psychology Research, in the March issue of 2014. So from conception to publication took almost three years. Upon approval, one reviewer commented on the article saying “Generally, the methodology in this paper is interesting, the major ideas are meaningful; its structure is complete and supporting materials are good.”

Hope you enjoy the article, and I hope to publish more in the future.


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