Me at the BACN 2013 conference.

I recently attended the BACN 2013 conference (or “Bacon” conference as I call it), which is the British Association of Cognitive Neuroscience conference 2013, held at Nottingham University. Attached is a photo of me and my poster, which was a review of neuroscientific evidence for the hunter-gatherer hypothesis. You can view a pdf version of the poster in the download section or by clicking HERE, though keep in mind it was a work in progress, hence why no conclusion was post ed. Nevertheless, the poster was a success and I had many enquiries about it.

Espen Sjoberg at BACN 2013.


Co-operation in animals: inclusive fitness, group selection, and multilevel selection

With thanks to Rachael Wilner for input and for creating the banner. Also, thanks to Khalid Jeway for input.

Why do animals cooperate and help each other? Why do ants live in societies where they all seem to cooperate collectively? Surely, if the ultimate goal for any animal was to reproduce effectively, why would they risk their lives helping others? An altruistic act, that is acts that are beneficial to others but comes with a cost to oneself, was a fundamental problem with Darwin’s theory of evolution. In this article I will discuss the evidence for debate concerning two approaches that explains this: inclusive fitness and group selection. Continue reading