Essay Writing Guide Available!

As a Mentor for MSc Conversion Psychology students I have written a guide on how to produce a good essay, based on my own techniques. Along with the guide there are three example essays from my 1st year, 3rd year, and MSc studies which will add an impression on how to write a psychology essay.

All the documents are available in the Download section.

The guide is written with University of Essex students in mind, but I hope it proves useful for others as well.


Articles coming, sorry for keeping you waiting.

Just a quick post to let you know I’m sorry for lack of activity lately. Like I said in my first post, expect only 1-2 articles per month to begin with as I am very busy with studies.

I am planning at least three psychology articles which hopefully will be out soon. Also, I am considering starting movie reviews based on a psychological perspective (MoviePsycho?). Obviously such reviews would be restricted to movies with content related to psychology, or at least science in general. This would be fun to do, but may be time consuming.

Another article should be out soon. Check my blog now and then for updates.

The media and ignoring averages: King of Norway and Church visits

In 2012 Norway became a secular state, changing the constitution so that everyone has religious freedom and is no longer under the Lutheran protestant faith. The Christian newspaper “Our Land” (Vårt Land) wrote an article about the decline in church visits by the Norwegian King during 2012, attributing this decline to secularism. Let me illustrate how this is a clear example of the media ignoring averages. Continue reading