Welcome to Espen Sjoberg’s science blog!

Oh hi, didn’t see you there! Welcome to Espen’s science blog!

My participation in the sleeplab (University of Bergen, 2008).

That I have labeled it a science blog may be debatable, but this blog will mostly focus on issues concerning science and possibly media, mostly from my personal view.

The blog is in development and is likely to change as it grows. The wallpaper is of the planet Gliese 581 G, a potentially habitable planet similar to Earth. There is a debate over whether this planet actually exist or not (Forveille et al, 2011), but nevertheless I really like the artist image of it. I am not sure who exactly made the image, but I found it at Beyond Earthly Skies. The background is of the Hubble Telescope’s Ultra Deep Field image, looking back nearly 13 billion years. You might find this a somewhat odd choice seeing as the content on this site will probably largely relate to psychology, and not astronomy (ironically my first reference in my first post is an astronomy reference). However, I’ve always been fascinated by the universe and the vastness of it. In many ways this uncomprehensibly big space that we occupy so little of is to me the symbol of scientific progress. For now the blog logo is the DNA double helix, as imagined by, I believe, Richard Fay.
All of the designs are likely to change as the blog develops and becomes more customised.

If you are wondering about the name of the blog: it’s a pun. It is a mix between Descartes doubt of existence (cogito ergo sum) and Cohen’s significance joke about the Earth being round. If you are unfamiliar with significance levels I’m for now only going to give an oversimplified explanation: the p < .05 basically means that me existing is a result that only had a 5% chance of being found, assuming I didn’t exist. I’m sure many of you didn’t quite get that, but don’t worry. It basically means I am likely to be alive from a statistical point of view…its a joke.

I hope to post a variety of science-related posts at this blog. While I would like to be active, based on past experiences I think I am probably going to only produce 1-2 posts per month to begin with. I’ve had blogs before that were personal or related to movie projects, but they all died after a few weeks. This blog, however, aims to be an outlet for my scientific achievements, thoughts, projects, and opinions, and hopefully this is something people might be interested in reading.


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